Chocolate Bouquets

Each of my Chocolate Bouquets are hand made to order and you can choose from the following chocolate bars:

  • Crunchy
  • Dairymilk
  • Twix
  • Mars
  • Minstrals
  • Milky Way
  • Rolo
  • Snickers
  • Wispa Duo
  • Curly Wurly
  • M

Larger bars and share bags.

The chocolate availability changes daily depending upon demand.

Boxed Bouquets

Start from £22.00 can be posted to any UK address (additional P&P costs apply)  free local delivery between the Ashford – Tenterden areas.


 These Cadbury boxed bouquet assortment pictured above has 17 full sized chocolate bars and one large bar and costs £22.00


The Mars boxed bouquet has 22 full sized mars bars and costs £23.50.

My medium boxed bouquet has 20 bars and a chocolate orange for just £27.00 .

You can choose form the following box colours:

  • Natural/Craft
  • Silver
  • Burgundy
  • Hot Pink
  • Pale Pink
  • Gold
  • Lime Green
  • Purple

Hand Held Bouquets:

From £9

These chocolate bouquet come cello wrapped and can be boxed and posted to any UK address.

Each Bouquet is unique and made to order with your chocolate choice.

Mini bouquet – £9.00

Has 7 full sized chocolate bars of your choice.

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11 piece bouquet – £12.50 Can be filled with a chocolate bars of your choice


The lilac bouquet – £16.00 Has 14 full sized chocolate bars.


The pink bouquet – £15.00 Has 12 full sized bars and 2 mini fun sized bars

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Medium bouquet – £21.00 Includes 19 assorted full sized standard chocolate bars and 2 ferrero rocher chocolates.


The Mars bouquet – £14.00 Has 12 full sized mars bars


Bouquet in a Mug

From £16.50

These Bouquet gifts include a mug and a selection of :drinking chocolate sachets, sweets and chocolate bars

Christmas Treats

Santa on a sweetie sleigh £6.00

(kitkat bars are from multipacks)

My Chocolate:

No chocolate is harmed in the making of my bouquets. Each chocolate bar is mounted on to wooden skewers with the use of tape and warm melt glue. I do not damage the wrappers or pierce the wrappers or chocolate.

I use full sized bars unless otherwise stated, I do not use bars from multi packs (unless stated) or chocolate that displays the price tickets, making them perfect for gifts.

These bouquets are subject to P&P depending on the address.

Please message me to order and for details: