Sweet Treat Boxes

My Sweet treat boxes make the perfect letterbox gift. They can be delivered straight to the recipient with a greetings message included.

Contact me to order rosehartsweets@gmail.com Just let me know the box number and colour tissue paper (red, black, gold, orange, pink, lilac) and we are all set. You can pay with paypal or transfer. You will also need to confirm the delivery address and any message you would like me to include.

The following are suggestions, you can chose the box or create your own:

(The following prices all include UK postage)

Sweet treat box 1


Sweet treat box 2


Sweet treat box 3


Sweet treat box 4


Sweet treat box 5


Sweet treat box 6


This is how your gift will be packaged.

All my chocolate bars are full standard sized bars and not from multi packs. Multi pack bars tend to be smaller then the standard bars and have ‘not for resale on the packet’

They do not have a price displayed on the packaging.

This all makes them perfect for gifts.

The prices in this page include UK postage