Honey and Lemon Scones

IMG_9896 (2)

Lemon and honey is such a perfect combination, and in the heat of the summer lemon is so refreshing.

I used a plain runny honey, however if you favour honey that is more floral then the flavour will be much more enhanced. Continue reading “Honey and Lemon Scones”

Cheese and Marmite Scones


A perfect accompaniment to Cheese is Marmite. I realise you either love marmite or hate it. To be honest I do have to be in the mood for marmite, however the addition of marmite to these cheese scones really lifts the flavour.  So if you are a marmite hater or just a mild dis-liker I do recommend giving them ago.

I have used just one teaspoon of marmite in these scones, however if you are a real marmite adorer please feel free to add more! Continue reading “Cheese and Marmite Scones”