Chocolate profiteroles


As with most deserts and puddings I love profiteroles, I learnt to make them when I was really young and they have become one of my quick to make deserts.  There are so many things you can put with a profiterole for example my summer berry éclairs.  These are the classic cream filled profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce.  The chocolate sauce idea was given to me by my friend’s sister it is so easy to make and will have any diner guest begging to know how you made it and your children will love you forever so long as you keep a good supply at hand! Continue reading “Chocolate profiteroles”


Individual Cherry Bakewells


I recently got myself these really cute little mini 8cm loose bottomed flan tins, I have used them to make an assortment of savoury flans and quiches.  I had a request for some cherry bakewells and thought these little tins would be perfect for the job! Continue reading “Individual Cherry Bakewells”

Individual Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cakes

4xmini_cherry_chocolate (2)

These little cakes are a perfect way to end a special meal with your someone special. They are a little fiddly to make, but if you make sure you take a little extra time securing the cake collars and time for chilling these little cakes are well worth the trouble.

This recipe will make mini 4 individual cakes.

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Summer Berry Eclairs

IMG_1414 (2)

Éclairs and profiteroles have to be one of my favourite pastries and desserts, I usually do a chocolate sauce with a cream filling.  But with all the fantastic summer fruit around at this time of year I made a change from the usual!  I used raspberries, however strawberries will work just as well. Continue reading “Summer Berry Eclairs”


Chocolate Soufflé


These are amazingly simple to make and fairly quick too.  Light and delicious, a perfect end to a meal. Continue reading “Chocolate Soufflé”


Valentine Cherry Meringues


I did a lot of research into finding the perfect meringue recipe. As a general rule 50g of sugar per egg white is used. The addition of corn flour and vinegar ‘strengthens’ the egg white, making it more stable giving a more chewy fluffier marshmallow centre and the cooking time can be shortened.  Adding brown sugar gives an even chewier centre (however no more than half the total amount of sugar used should be brown).  Cream of tartar makes a sturdier meringue that is less prone to weeping and more tolerant to a higher cooking temperature.  This is why cream of tartar is often added to meringue when making puddings like lemon meringue pie. Continue reading “Valentine Cherry Meringues”


Double Chocolate Dessert


This is one of my all time family favourite desserts. Biscuit base and a chocolaty top layer – what more could anyone want? Great served on its own or with a scoop of ice cream.

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