Easter Fudge

IMG_0875 (2)

This fudge is made in the same way as my other fudge recipes, but decorated with mini eggs for an Easter theme. Continue reading “Easter Fudge”


Terry’s Chocolate Orange Fudge


IMG_0730 (2)

Once you have mastered fudge making, it’s fun to experiment with different ‘toppings’.

I love Terry’s chocolate orange, so after finishing the fudge and pouring into the prepared tin I arranged the Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments on top of the fudge. Continue reading “Terry’s Chocolate Orange Fudge”

Chocolate Truffles


I was invited to my friend’s house to watch ‘The Voice’ and wanted to take nice nibbles for her and her family – something a little special.

My mum has made these truffles for mini presents at Christmas time, so I thought it was about time I made them myself and improve the recipe!

I made white and dark chocolate truffles.  White chocolate is a lot softer than dark and I have found very different to use.

Continue reading “Chocolate Truffles”