Chocolate Orange Brownies


If ever there was the perfect flavour to go with chocolate it’s orange.

I found a chocolate orange lurking at the back of my treat cupboard and I also had a hankering for chocolate brownies, put them together and what do you get? Super yummyness! Continue reading “Chocolate Orange Brownies”

Blackcurrant Jelly


Blackcurrant jelly has a lovely sharp flavour. Rather than a jam I made this into a jelly. I find the blackcurrant skins can be a little tough sometimes so I prefer to sieve them out. I am lucky enough to have a jelly strainer, if you do not have one that is not a problem just pass the cooked fruit through a colander to take out the large pieces and then pour the liquid through a sieve to remove the smaller pieces of fruit to achieve a smooth jam. Continue reading “Blackcurrant Jelly”