Individual Cherry Bakewells


I recently got myself these really cute little mini 8cm loose bottomed flan tins, I have used them to make an assortment of savoury flans and quiches.  I had a request for some cherry bakewells and thought these little tins would be perfect for the job! Continue reading “Individual Cherry Bakewells”


Individual Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cakes

4xmini_cherry_chocolate (2)

These little cakes are a perfect way to end a special meal with your someone special. They are a little fiddly to make, but if you make sure you take a little extra time securing the cake collars and time for chilling these little cakes are well worth the trouble.

This recipe will make mini 4 individual cakes.

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Cherry and White Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

I wanted to make shortbread for #NationalShortbreadDay on 6th January 2018. I do make shortbread quite a lot either plain or the millionaire caramel shortbread recipes I have already done.  I always like to have something in the cake tin for lunch boxes and after dinner treats, shortbread cookies are perfect for this.

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