Fruit Scones

IMG_9904 fruit scone (1)

You really can put almost any dried fruit into a scone, I have used raisins in these ones. Continue reading “Fruit Scones”


Honey and Lemon Scones

IMG_9896 (2)

Lemon and honey is such a perfect combination, and in the heat of the summer lemon is so refreshing.

I used a plain runny honey, however if you favour honey that is more floral then the flavour will be much more enhanced. Continue reading “Honey and Lemon Scones”

Cheese and Marmite Scones


A perfect accompaniment to Cheese is Marmite. I realise you either love marmite or hate it. To be honest I do have to be in the mood for marmite, however the addition of marmite to these cheese scones really lifts the flavour.  So if you are a marmite hater or just a mild dis-liker I do recommend giving them ago.

I have used just one teaspoon of marmite in these scones, however if you are a real marmite adorer please feel free to add more! Continue reading “Cheese and Marmite Scones”

Coffee and Walnut Scones


I have always used my Great Nanny’s recipe for making scones, she never liked the taste of too much baking powder, which some scone recipes can have, so always used an alternative raising agent – a mixture of cream of tartar and bicarbonate of soda.

Once the basic scone mix has been mastered and is to your liking then you can add different flavours and fruits.  I have added coffee and walnut this time. Continue reading “Coffee and Walnut Scones”