Orange and Cranberry Brownies

Adding orange zest and cranberries give a lovely fresh fruity flavour to these brownies. Again, I am using my tried and tested brownie recipe and added the orange and cranberries to add to the chewy gooey brownie texture.

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Chocolate Fudge Brownies


Unfortunately Brownies are really too easy to eat, and it is too easy to eat too many of them! Luckily they are really easy to make too….

There is nothing earth shatteringly different with my chocolate brownie recipe, when I looked at others before writing mine up they are all very similar. Again this is a recipe I have used for years and slightly changed it to suit our taste.

Once you have mastered a classic brownie recipe that you like and enjoy the most then you can add all sorts of things to ‘liven’ your brownies up. Continue reading “Chocolate Fudge Brownies”