Apple Fritters


With apples in abundance, I am in my element making all things Apple.

These fritters are really quick and easy to make and oh so yummy! Perfect for a breakfast treat, snacking and a dessert. Continue reading “Apple Fritters”


Millionaire Brownies


Who doesn’t like a millionaire short bread? And who doesn’t like a brownie? What if we combined them together – all that soft gooey cakiness topped with caramel and chocolate. What is not to like? Continue reading “Millionaire Brownies”

Rocky Road


Who doesn’t like a rocky road? All that chocolaty goodness with the chewy marshmallows and the soft crunch of biscuits all in one bite.

You can add almost anything to a rocky road to give it extra crunch, chewiness or added flavour.

I found myself buying more mini eggs after Easter, purely because they had been reduced and I simply couldn’t help myself. Continue reading “Rocky Road”