White Chocolate Rocky Road With Custard Creams


In this white chocolate rocky road I have used custard creams.  This was a favourite biscuit when I was younger.

I cut my rocky road into 12 squares, but this can easily be cut into more or less as you like it.

You will need:

  • 150g Custard Cream Biscuits
  • 250g White Chocolate
  • 20g Butter
  • 90g Glace Cherries cut into quarters
  • 100g Mini Marshmallows


  • 6 Custard Cream (cut in half)
  • 30g White Chocolate


  • Line and grease a 21cm square tin.
  • Melt the 250g chocolate and butter together over a very gentle heat in a heat proof bowl over a pan of simmering water on a low heat.
  • It is important not to heat this too high. I find white chocolate can be a little temperamental and will seize quickly if heated to quickly or over heated.
  • Once melted remove from the heat and stir until it is well blended.
  • Allow to stand and cool for about 5mins or until the bowl warm to touch.
  • Meanwhile break or cut the biscuits into quarters, I found it easier to cut these biscuits.
  • Add the biscuits pieces to the chocolate, stir well to make sure the biscuits are coated in the chocolate.
  • Next add the chopped glace cherries and marshmallows and again stir until well covered in the chocolate and well distributed throughout the mix.
  • Transfer to your prepared tin and level the top, but leave it slightly ‘rocky’.
  • Decorate with the 6 custard cream that have been cut in half and drizzle with the 30g of white chocolate.
  • Pop in the fridge to set.
  • Cut and serve!



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