Spiced Walnut Cake


With a mass of left over walnuts this year (I over bought) I set about developing a walnut cake with a little added spice. This cake is moist, light and moreish and I think goes well with a cream cheese icing. Continue reading “Spiced Walnut Cake”

Walnut Brownies


Once you have the basic brownie recipe that you like and enjoy the most then you can add all sorts of things to ‘liven’ your brownies up. I have added walnuts to the brownie mixture and saved some to scatter over the top.  This is a great way to use up leftover Christmas nuts too!

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Millionaires Poke Cake

I have made this cake several times experimenting with the size of poke holes, first I tried pencil sized holes (picture 1), these are great for runny sauces but with a thick caramel I don’t think the holes were large enough for quality seepage. Each time I made the cake I made the hole progressively larger until I went with an apple corer (picture 2). Well we certainly had caramel filled holes and this was certainly a hit! The down side was, with the quantity of caramel in this recipe and the fact the holes take a lot of filling the layer of caramel on the top was quite thin.  You also need to take care that you do not ‘core’ through the base as the result could be a little sticky!

We all liked the larger holes with more caramel in the cake then on top. Try it and let me know what you like best! Continue reading “Millionaires Poke Cake”